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Sometimes you just have to take a day to recover and regroup and re-YOU. To dye your hair and shave your armpits and sanitize your nose ring… You know, ALL the things that fall off of your to do list because you’re too busy to sit down.

Mom is having a really bad day. She didn’t sleep last night. Today’s she’s full of questions:

Did you ever try smoking Michele?
What’s with all these men with beards all of a sudden?
I don’t understand… Why don’t we get to play the Royals in the playoffs?
Are we the only team with a bird or something on the jersey?
Why is there a dirt path from the pitcher’s mound to home plate?
You want a donut? I want a donut.

But I don’t mind it all. Normally when her mind is failing her, she is quiet. I’ll take this Chatty Cathy any day.

Old School Coaches - In Defense of Coaches Who Yell - Esquire

I’m an old school coach. I’m going to make your kid run when she gets an attitude with me or with one of her teammates. And she’s going to run WITH her teammates when they get attitudes. I’m going to tell them that they are moving like my grandma when they need to pick it up and when the ball drops in front of her, I’m going to ask her if she’s here for the show or if she came to play. I will make frequent stops along the journey to success so they can get off this train if they want but if they stay they have to be on board with my old school ways and so do you. But I promise you, like this guy, if there is something in them waiting to be found, I will find it.

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