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My horror-scope for today…crazy huh?

There’s no reason to play the role of a victim today. If reality is giving you a hard time, simply acknowledge your part in the current drama. The truth is that the present circumstances are unfolding with your participation and in some unknown way according to your plan. Even if you feel overwhelmed, remember you can methodically navigate your way through these crazy times as long as you don’t expect everything to change overnight

I have visions of waking up tomorrow and working out Rocky Balboa style, getting back to my fightin’ weight, & kickin’ some major butt. But I know me. And I know I’m going to sleep late, eat an over indulgent breakfast & sit on the couch playing Farm Saga for hours while I think about the best way to sell my dining room set. I know me. And I’m honest about who I am and what I want and what I’ll do. I don’t pretend. I own it. Everybody should own their truth. There is freedom in it. You know?

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