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Dear South St. Louis City Residents,

Your inability to properly use the alley dumpsters is not only irritating your neighbors but it is also disrespectful to the people who clean up after you (read: city workers) and, quite frankly, it is lazy. Here is the link to city refuse if you are confused about how it works. But, in case you are also too lazy to go to that link here is the breakdown:

The GIGANTIC blue dumpsters are for recycling. Please break down your boxes. It takes mere seconds.

Those brown dumpsters, with which I am sure you are familiar, are for TRASH that is not recyclable. If you need a list of what might qualify, message me, I will gladly send you something very specific.

And the third dumpster type which is marked YARD WASTE ONLY is where you dispose of things like leaves, grass clippings, sticks… In other words, those things found in nature. 

I hope this helps. I hope this helps ALL OF US. 

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